Adult Sandwiches

by Freres Lapierre

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A second go at this music thing.


released June 1, 2012

All songs recorded by Freres Lapierre.
All songs written by Adam, except #2 written by Zachary.
All songs mixed by Adam Lapierre.

As usual, we'd like to thank our parents for creating & supporting us.



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Freres Lapierre Greenfield, Massachusetts

Four brothers:


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Track Name: Pompous Grapefruit
Put my feet up,
Feel the lamplight on my face,
I can watch the static all night long.

I can stay here,
So much longer than than you'd think,
I can stay 'til everyone's gone.

Ooh ooh, I'm wide awake I'm...

At home.
At home again.

I'm not hiding,
Not ashamed of what I am,
Give them all my best.

I remember
When the sun stopped shining.
But I can't picture the rest.
Track Name: Yankee Swap
Honey pick me up, honey break me down I'll go, I'll go.
And when you draw your ground, when you wear your crown I'll go, I'll go. Won't stay for the show.
Come on spit the ground...

(Do do do)
Wheelchair signs
And wind chimes
Looks like mom
Let's be wrong (together)

Summer picks up spring, your voice cuts the string
I'm on.
But when you limp about, hurts like a deer who's lost its mouth. Lost its mouth. Lost its, voice in the crowd.
But I'll, but I'll keep you around
Track Name: Chair City
You say the way is not too far,
That when I come you'll still be there.
But I can't leave this all behind,
Guess you could say I too damned scared.

But when I see your face again,
I don't know how to breathe.
So I pack my old life up,
And beg myself to leave, eventually.

Oh my god,
Oh my god,
Oh my god I'm only halfway there

I just hope you haven't changed your mind,
Promises can fade away over time.
The more I think the more anxious I get,
When I show up you will be waving goodbye.

You make it sound so good but how can I be sure,
Make me up and leave I need a little bit more.
Track Name: Midnight Steak
Off the grid, try to hide.
Find a place where I can close my eyes,
but no there's nowhere she won't go.

Every day, every night.
Calling up and saying we're alright,
she knows that she's wearing me out.

What the hell can I do?
My mind is racing.
She's camped out in my head.
I'll never make it...

New address, laying low.
There's no way she'll ever catch me now,
is that all or is there more up her sleeve.

Close my eyes, see her face.
Lie awake and stare up into space,
I know that I will never be free.
Track Name: Molokai
Sun is shining right off your hair,
I can't bring myself to disturb you.
Quietly I let myself outside,
leave a note that says where I'll be.

Ride the waves until the crowd comes in,
a sandy bed all to myself.
Soon enough you'll come rolling in,
like the tide you're always late.

I'll wait for you...

We can watch the sun go down
and you can take me home with you

You can't help sleeping in all day.
I can't help thinking you're lazy.
I can't stand lying in bed 'till noon,
all that sun drives me crazy.
Track Name: Cumulonimbus
This is home, always been, right where it belongs.
Years go by, lights go dim, barely holding on.
Sure enough, back again, I'm finally walking in.
Suddenly, it all comes back, I never left here.

Please let me in again...
My key still fits in...
Please let it never end...

Come and light our way home,
The winds will guide us in.
Only you and I know,
What things have always been.
Please don't make me go home, ooo ooo
No, I don't want to go home. ooo ooo

Sailing through, water's calm, start to lose my way.
Looking back, through the fog, it's too dark to say.
Turning 'round, change my course, can I get back in time.
Will it be, sleeping there, telling me that I'll be fine.