Freres Lapierre

by Freres Lapierre

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released January 28, 2014

All songs performed by Freres Lapierre.

Music and lyrics by Adam and Zachary
except track 7 (music by Freres Lapierre)

Freres Lapierre are:
Adam: Guitars, lap steel, vocals
Isaiah: Keys, ukelele, vibraphone, trumpet
Noah: Drums, glockenspiel, mandolin
Zachary: Bass, banjo, guitars, vocals

Produced and recorded by Evan Murphy
at Mystic Steamship Co. in Arlington, MA

Additional musicians:
Matthew Cain (trombone & bass trombone) on tracks 1, 9, 11.
Jess Fox (violin) on track 6.
James Wheeler (trumpet) on tracks 1, 9, 11.

Album artwork and design by Spenser Hasak

Special thanks to our mom and pop for creating and supporting
us as well as our extended family and friends for all the love.

Finally, for your best listening pleasure, wear headphones.
Thank you.



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Freres Lapierre Greenfield, Massachusetts

Four brothers:


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Track Name: No Hurry
You could say we’re finally over now,
don’t ask me why I don’t know how.
Ran off with everything I had,
leaving just a scent to drive me mad.

Brought me to life brought me to bed,
pulled the plug and left me for dead.
Still I’m gonna ride that ride again,
throwing up my hands into the wind.

They all say to me: run for your life, get out the way.
Say it’s not to be. Turn on the light, look at the day.

It’s still early, I’m in no hurry.
It don’t scare me, when you don’t hear me.

Feel like I’ve been pushed on down the stairs,
all the broken bones and messed up hair.
I can feel your breath against my ear,
laughing as I’m holding back the tears.

Liquor me up and lay me down,
buzz me in and kick me out.
Laughing as I’m crashing back to earth,
screaming your name as I hit the curb.
Track Name: Yankee Swap
Honey pick me up.
Honey break me down.
I'll go, I'll go.
But when you draw your ground,
and when you wear your crown,
I'll know. Well I'll know.
And I won't stay for the show.

Come on spit the ground.

Wheelchair signs, and wind chimes.
It looks like mom, let's be wrong together.

Summer picks up spring.
Your voice cuts the string I'm on.
But when you limp about.
Just like a deer who's lost its mouth.
Lost its mouth. He's lost his voice in the crowd.
But I'll, but I'll, I'll keep you around.
Track Name: Cosmic Wimpout
Make me come back to you baby, I want you.
Tell me to come and I will, ‘cause I want to.
You’re in control if you’d only just realize.
I’ll do what you tell me to do, I won’t ask twice.

And I want you to come and take my hand.
I want you to call me your man.
I want you to look me in the eye.
I want you to make up your damn mind.
I want you, I want you, I want you to want me too.

I know the way if you ever just need me.
I’d drop it all at the chance that you’ll see me.
Tell me I’m yours so I can finally sleep right.
I need to know ‘cause I can’t just see you tonight.

Oh, I want to hear you say.

That I want you, yes I’ll take your hand.
I want you, yes I am your man.
I want you, I’ll look you in the eyes.
I want you, you’re always on my mind.

I want you, I want you, I’ve wanted you more than you knew.
Track Name: Eve Driver
And I, I'll go, I'll go.
If you just want it so.
I'll turn myself outdoors.
No more sleep on your floors.
Just freeze a bit with me.
I'll squeeze, I'll squeeze, I'll squeeze.

Put me in the car, I won't drive us back tonight.
We're dying afar, everyone is out of sight.

She doesn't mean a thing.
You've taken off your ring.
You've made a grave mistake.
By grave I mean your grave.
I wish we had more time.
Drink less, drink more, drink wine

Let's just call a friend, they've all been passed out for hours.
Is this how it ends? We're gasping in the street of ours.
Track Name: Molokai
Sunlight shining right off your hair.
I can’t bring myself to disturb you.
Quietly, I let myself outside.
Leave a note says where I’ll be.

Ride the waves until the crowd comes in.
A sandy bed all to myself.
Soon enough you’ll come rolling in.
Like the tide you’re always late.

I’ll wait for you, I’ll wait for you.

And we can watch the sun go down,
and you can take me home with you.

You can’t help sleeping in all day.
I can’t help thinking you’re lazy.
I can’t stand lying in bed 'til noon.
All that sun drives me crazy.
Track Name: Absentee Ballad
Well I hope you feel lonely
I hope you feel the way I do.
I know that’s wrong of me to say girl
but I’m afraid that it’s the truth.

Oh when I feel like I am drowning
I want somebody by my side.
So I’ll pull you back under
and you can swim with me awhile.

Oh I’ll drag you down with me.
Drag you down quick.
I’ll be the weight hanging ‘round your neck.

I can’t stand to think you’re laughing.
I hate knowing that you’re fine.
It makes me feel like you don’t need me
although I know that that’s a lie.

I don’t know why I like the feeling
of when I think you might be sad.
But being miserable together
makes the days not seem so bad.

I should want whatever is best for you
but if I’m not involved then what am I supposed to do.
I know, I should want whatever is best for you
but if I’m not involved then what am I supposed to do.
So I’ll drag you down, drag you down with me.
Track Name: Buick Skylark
I'll take care,
of your needs,
I'll give you air (yes I will).

No, I know,
I shouldn't do you.
I shouldn't to you.

Take of your clothes, it's warm outside.
Buick Skylark, let's take a ride.
Put down your books, and come with me.
Blow off your friends, it's real easy.
Track Name: International Art Thief Declan MacManus
At home tonight.
Drinking alone tonight.
Hoping that you’re alright.
Sleep in all day.

going out having fun.
Guess they’re the lucky ones.
I feel OK.

Moving on. I’m on my own tonight.
My head’s alright. I’ll find my way.
Well you are off the grid tonight
and I am wired in all night.
I’m getting you out of my head.

Take my hand.
Finally take a stand.
I’ll show you I’ve got a plan.
Got what I need.

Take a walk.
I don’t see a need to talk.
I already said a lot.
Just leave me be.

Moving on. I’m on my own tonight.
My head’s alright. I’ll find my way.
Well you are off the grid tonight
and I am wired in all night.
Maybe you’re just out of range
and maybe you’re just done with me.
You’re getting me out your head.
Track Name: XBJ
You, texted me in the dark.
Still I, I knew it was you.
I could tell by your grammar structure,
and the way you misspell you words.

You said to meet you.
I was unsure what to do.
So I met with you.

Brush your teeth and comb your hair, we're going out.

Meet me by the town line.
Was basically all that you wrote.
Ten miles on the dot,
and I thought that we would be alone.

He smashed the window, and shattered my ribs.
You just watched and were silent.
Throughout the act.
Throughout the whole fucking ordeal.
Track Name: Lyon Noel
I've been waiting for you all night,
you weren't around to play.
No, I've been waiting for you all night,
you weren't around to play.
And I can't find the proper number for your home,
and i can't stand listening to that dial tone.

Will I ever, find a better place to lay my head?
I will never, and if I do, please consider it said.

The lion sleeps in his cave all alone,
he doesn't have a home.
And the mother lives with her cubs in the knoll,
it's for the best she knows.
And I can't find the difference between us and the animals,
we're all just on this big spinning world,
we're all just on this, we're all just on this.

You had me on, you had me on.
Track Name: My Wes Girl
Your favorite film was Rushmore.
So I'll bike to your front porch.

You always act like Margot.
Yes it's true, more than you know.
I'm sorry, but those are the facts.

Call me Zissou.
Call me another.
Call me on the phone.
Don't call me your brother.
Call me if you need me.

Your favorite type was Futura,
and like the Beatles, "I'm Looking Through You".

My Wes girl.
You are my Wes girl.
My East Coast Wes girl.
My West to Wes girl.
Track Name: Look The Other Way
Meet me down on the rocks where we got caught.
We can watch the sun go down, making plans to leave this town.
I don’t need to remind you what I went through to find you
here in this place I can finally see your face.

Well don’t tell me where you’ve been.
I want to look the other way.
Well we both found our way here.
I think that’s all we need to say.

Lie down next to me near where we once rested our heads
and watched the waves thinking they all looked the same.
This is all that we need no friends, no money to lean on.
We should never have left for what was best.

Close your eyes with me.
Let the sun beat down.
We can finally see
what we’ve never found.