Harbor Grove - EP

by Freres Lapierre

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Our early recordings.

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released November 10, 2011

All songs written by Adam Lapierre except Disappear (music written by Noah Lapierre), Icebox and 64 (music for both written by Freres Lapierre).

Thanks to Mama and Pops.



all rights reserved


Freres Lapierre Greenfield, Massachusetts

Four brothers:


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Track Name: 64
I know. You're coming back to me now,
You know damn well my shot is tracking you down.
You better stay on track, or soon you'll disappear
I got a big hat and a bigger heart when you're near.

I'm trying (I'm trying) I'm trying
to find a way out.
I'm trying (I'm trying) I'm trying
to win the race now.

Off the map, no way to find where you are,
No matter how hard you try you can't get too far.
I'm the best there is and you know that it's true,
Watch out for my friends: red, green, and blue.

Only your lightening bolt, baby, can slow me down,
You know I won't slow down until I get my crown.
First place or last, I'm gonna make you mine,
'Cause we'll be together when we cross the finish line.
Track Name: Agabar
In November
Days are shorter
Light a fire
In the backyard

Trees are falling
Leaves are dying
Feeling empty
Before the snow comes

In the lost and found,
You've always been around.
You've been torn and hurt,
Left alone in the dirt.

Wind is harsher
Grass is frozen
We are waiting
Will she ever come

Watch the clouds roll
Out my window
This new year's
Feeling old
Track Name: Turtle X-ing
The map laid out in front of us,
We plot ourselves a course.
Only one direction and that's west,
And we're running out the door.

There's no race against the clock,
We're just chasing down the sun.
No one to tell us where to go,
No telling how long we'll be gone.

Oh we oh...oh we oh...
Oh we oh...oh we oh...

Pack your bags, grab your coat,
Tie your shoes, write a note.
Don't know where, don't know why,
Leaving home, no goodbyes.

As I write this we're broken down,
And we've got no place to go.
No more money, we spent it all,
But we're still fighting, walking down the road.
Track Name: Tyler Perry Presents
I’m still laughing, and she’s still crying,
She’s crashing down, I’m still flying.
I’m touching the sun now, she’s just sky-diving,
I’m riding the waves home, she’s only driving.

Can’t bring me down (can’t bring me down)
Can’t make me feel blue

I’m so bad (I’m so bad), I’m so bad at being bad.
I’m too good (I’m too good), I’m too good at being too good.
You’re so good (you’re so good), you’re so good at being sad.
You’re too sad (you’re too sad), you’re too sad to feel good.

She’s still sleeping, I’m feeling wide awake,
My eyes are open, she can’t see straight.
She’s just hanging on, I’m watching the screen,
She says something’s wrong, I don’t know what she means.
Track Name: Icebox
Walkin' down this street again,
desperate for a neon space,
Walkin' down the street my friend
and I can't see your face.
Argue with myself tonight,
and I'm not sure why,
Money's made this living tight,
since you left my side.

I'm in an icebox!
oh no no...
I'm in an icebox!
oh my my my...

Slipped your feet right out my door,
didn't hear you go,
You call now and ask for more,
I can never say no.
This bed is colder now,
since you ran from our home,
Cheated on all your vows,
left me tired and alone.

Run away to god knows where
then call and expect me to care.
Gotta leave here and go somewhere new
where I can finally forget about you.
Pack my bags and book my flight
leave this city out of sight.
Bring this icebox with me too
it's not so cold now without you.
Track Name: Disappear
This place is changing,
People don't seem the same.
Voices are fading,
They don't feel any shame.

Sun never rises,
Days always feel like night.
Eyes always watching,
Nothing they say sounds right.

So I'll run, run away
Yeah I'll run, run away...

No one to miss me,
Nothing to keep me here.
Take nothing with me,
Look like I've disappeared.
Track Name: Shuffle In
I wake up in the morning time,
With no way to stretch my spine,
You fell out of rhythm and rhyme,
Use your glass to cut the rind.

Speak up, I can't hear a word that you say,
I'll ask it twice, you still shout no way,
You have changed from each day to the next,
Until each morning I did not know what to expect.

You think you're pretty,
I think you're pretty pretty
Ain't it a pity,
We met outside the city.

Connections in the ground,
Shufflin' my feet all around,
Now I am safe and sound found underground.
Corrections brought up now,
FOUR reasons why and how,
Your future's growing fowl right now.

Use your looks to make you mine,
Cut through it all with one straight line,
Looks can't make up for all you do,
It's easy to stay here but I need something new.